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Ted Grenfell

The world of photography would be meaningless without light, colour and emotion to help open our minds to express passion and love for each other.

I like shooting with studio lights, and I love colour, especially reds and oranges but gold is good too! Who doesn’t like some bling in their life, right! Lights give me greater control over the narrative and the colours, well, colour is colour 🙂

My style tends to be a combination of ‘lifestyle’, and ‘fine-art’ photography – with a touch of fashion and creative lighting where appropriate.

My photos are inspired by light, colour, techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, industry peers, the creative perspective, and most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph!



I absolutely LOVE having people in front of my camera. Especially when I can feel the vibes of love permeating through their souls. That needs to be forever captured so it can be bottled and shared!



Sometimes you’ll find me out of the studio and using natural light, on location with clients wherever inspiration leads us!



My go to happy place!

agsdix-fas fa-camera-retro


Putting aside pressure of tight deadline shoots, fashion is a great deal of fun and there is always something new to learn or experience.

Reach out if you want to chat or collaborate 🙂